Friday, June 5, 2009

African Week

May 25th to 29th was African Week in school. We spent the week looking at different countries in Africa and the different animals that you can find there. The main country we looked at was Eygpt and we learnt all about the pyramids, the sphinx, pharaohs, sacrophagus and MUMMIES!!

While we were talking about the pyramids, Vivien had a question. He wondered how the people managed to move the big stones. Some children had seen pictures of stones with logs so we decided to investigate. Using a box and lots of pencils we figured out it was easier to move something big and heavy if we rolled it across the pencils. Teacher was very impressed at the way we figured it out.

Janet and Brian brought in traditional clothes from Nigeria and we had great fun dressing up in them. They're really colourful compared to our clothes.

Janet also brought in some photos from her parents wedding in Nigeria and told us about her holiday over there.

In P.E. we played some African games. In this one, the blindfolded tiger had to find the gazelles.

We also listened to Irish and African music and talked about the differences and similarities between them. We also showed the different ways we would dance to them.
Afterwards we made some traditional African Masks that are used in dances.

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